The Bank Job

The Rockstar coding language allows you to write computer programs as lyrics to rock songs and whilst it takes a bit of getting used to (and a bit of creative song writing thrown in for good measure too) you can actually produce some awesome lyrics/code with it. Here is my game/song called The Bank Job. Running the lyrics will allow you to try and crack the bank's safe that features in the song. ROCK ON!!

Listen to the song here!

You can copy the lyrics below and enter them here to play the game!
You will need to enter your guess for the safe's combination in the INPUT section before running the code.


Listen to the money
Tommy's cracking the safe
Split the money into pieces
Put pieces in the bags

Let the plan be the money times the bags
Shatter the plan in the vault
There's the vault
The combination is entered

The boxe's are numbered
Let the gold be there at 0
Let the bonds be there at 1
Let money be there at 2

Put the gold with the bonds with money into the bag
Full is what we want
If the bag were full
Shout "Winner"

If the bag isn't full
Whisper "Try again"