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Interactive Game Boy Cartridge kit

Load your GB Studio games onto Smartphones with a single tap!

Load the GB Studio games that you've created onto your smartphone with a simple tap of this specially crafted 3d printed cartridge. Enjoy the classic feel of gaming on your handheld device, bringing back the essence of the iconic Game Boy era with your own personalised touch, without the need to own an original Game Boy!


Perfect for GB Studio Game Boy developers, testers, or anyone who wishes to distribute their GB Studio game. In order for the game to load onto smartphones, it first needs to be hosted on Google Drive. Full and simple instructions on how to do this, as well as how to program the NFC Game Boy cartridge, are provided.

Interactive Game Boy Cartridge Business Card

Perfect for events, conventions, or as a unique conversation starter.

Seamlessly share your contact details! Simply tap this NFC-enabled Game Boy cartridge with a mobile phone, and your contact information and links will pop up instantly. See the Game Boy cart in action here!


Make an impression that lasts beyond the exchange of traditional business cards.